Applied Myoskeletal addresses many conditions including:

  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Unilateral & bilateral pelvic rotations
  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Functional leg length discrepancy
  • Vertebral rotations
  • Sacral lateral deviation


Start Date:Saturday 29 June 2019

End Date:Sunday 30 June 2019

Dreamclinic 15436 Bel-Red Rd, Redmond, WA 98052

Address: 2122 152nd Avenue NE, Redmond, WA 98052
Local Phone: 425.746.8200
Phone: 800.205.6934
Fax: 425.747.2078
It is two blocks away from the course location, and is a nice hotel with complementary breakfast.
AMT SPECIAL RATE:$159 not including tax rate of 12.4%. (N.B. Code for discount is.... AMT INTERNATIONAL

Times:8.30am to 5.00pm

Workshop/Module:Saturday - NECK (Revised since last taught in USA)/ Sunday - CLINICAL GEMS (First time taught in USA - Innovative training - highly acclaimed in the UK and Aust)

Instructor:John Garfield - Coordinator: Nupur Tenne - Contact ph. 425-818-5007, email:

Full Price:Day 1 - NECK (Revised/incl. new work) $240 USD (REPEATS $180 USD) / Day 2 - CLINICAL GEMS $240 USD (PAYMENT IN FULL REQUIRED BY 1st JUNE)

Early Bird Price: EXPIRED 1st March

Additional Details:YOU CAN ATTEND BOTH, OR ONLY ONE OF THE DAYS. This is a Special Price for these workshops. Price structure to change from August '19.
These 1-day workshops are clinic changers!
Find out why this Neck approach has received accolades in 8 countries,
teaching many professions including Bowen Therapists, Massage Therapists,
Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Occupational Therapists & Chiropractors.
This work will streamline your treatment due to its precise targeting of problematic
structures. It has been observed that coupled with the pelvic work and a holistic body
assess/correct/ re-assess approach that this method has practically eliminated the need for
clients needing to be referred out to a high velocity thrust style treatment as a large
percentage of vertebrae respond beautifully to precise, gentle and safe soft tissue work.
LEARN MOTION PALPATION OF THE NECK - This extremely valuable assessment skill
not normally available to Soft Tissue Therapists
MANY NECK RELEASES - You have no idea how free a neck will feel after this work is
completed. Clients love this work!
SEATED NECK WORK – Body function can change once in gravity! Iron out those neck
restrictions that may present when the client is seated. Fast and effective!
LIGAMENTUM NUCHAE - First specific neck intervention as it releases so many neck
muscles. This will amaze you at its effectiveness
CERVICAL 1 – (CI) - Some say the most important vertebra in the spine along with its
Lovett partner L5.
NECK REFLEX - The single best way AMT research has found to align a vertebra quickly
and gently
NECK SEQUENCE – Extremely effective. Your clients will love it!
SOME NEW TECHNIQUES for those revising. I have only one Positional Release taught to focus more on palpation skills
And much more....

(Includes AMT Meridian Therapy, TMJ, Superficial Abdomen Fascial Release and more...)
NEW MATERIAL. Only taught 4 times in total!
"John I am blown away with what the meridian work can do. I've had amazing results, thank you soo much for shareing it with us"

"This meridian work is simply amazing! Client in this morning who had a very nasty fall on a dry ski slope several weeks ago. Responds really well to Bowen but we were struggling to restore full ROM in the left arm and shoulder. Working from the charts and where he feels the pain and restriction, P, TW and GB and 100% ROM restored! I LOVE this work!"

As we all know at times it can be complicated to unravel the body's pain patterns
AMT Meridian Therapy can be used in several ways.
1. Used every day in the clinic for common presentations like ITB, Piriformis and Gluteal pain. Although good results have been achieved with the afore mentioned muscles it could at times take up to 24 hours to fully respond and the client would sometimes leave with residual pain. Acceptable, though not ideal, as one could expect some pain to still be present after the primary structures have been rectified when dealing with chronic conditions. This is where AMT Meridian Therapy is so useful as it can often eliminate spasm and pain within a minute or two.

2. Used infrequently for those Non-Responsive conditions - I often say AMT Meridian Therapy has the potential to correct what has not responded to Bowen and other AMT methods. Areas of success include: Tennis & Golfers Elbow, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Neck pain, Arthritic joints (often weeks of temporary relief), Shoulder restrictions, Foot pain, Intercostal pain etc. etc.)
* Does it work on almost every one? Yes, in the examples in no. 1. In no. 2. list it has a lower success rate although the number of clients given relief to who were non-respondent to other approaches, and other therapies is impressive.
* Is AMT Meridian Therapy - Bowen?? The technique requires you to address specific meridian points with your Bowen moves. So yes, it is being progressive and using your Bowen with emphasis on the meridian system.
* Is it hard to learn? It is probably the simplest technique taught in AMT and you need no prior knowledge of acupuncture or meridian therapy. You will learn a formula to identify the meridian points that can easily be applied for potential pain relief throughout the body by accessing the easy to follow AMT Meridian Charts provided in the workshop manual.

TMJ Dysfunction
* TMJ Complex teaches a new and effective method for TMJ dysfunction.
It also includes a Cranio-Sacral Sphenoid bone technique essential for the best result.
Learn how the TMJ can lead to pelvic asymmetry.
Learn simple self-help methods for the client to help relieve jaw hyper-tonicity.
This TMJ sequence is unique to AMT. It is administrated without a finger or spacers in the mouth.
* SUPERFICIAL ABDOMEN FASCIAL RELEASE is a gentle and effective method of applying light tactile pressure to fascial restrictions identified in the superficial abdomen region.
It can help localized scar tissue along with myo & visceral connective tissue, returning fascia towards optimum function.
This technique has helped relieve or resolve referred musculoskeletal referral patterns
* Suitable for qualified Bowen Therapists. This workshop contains many Bowen & non-Bowen techniques & assessments that will be of huge clinical benefit to you and integrate effortlessly into your present treatment style

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