Applied Myoskeletal addresses many conditions including:

  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Unilateral & bilateral pelvic rotations
  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Functional leg length discrepancy
  • Vertebral rotations
  • Sacral lateral deviation


Option 1:

Applied Myoskeletal Therapy (AMSTT) aids the Aromatherapist by giving you the skills to correct many musculoskeletal dysfunctions, resulting in an improved ability to help more people.  By utilizing the AMSTT global assessment and correction method you can, in the first five to ten minutes of your treatment, identify and correct important bodily dysfunctions with easy to perform, non-oil techniques. (Global in this context is muscles that have a referred pattern of dysfunction that affect gait and cause pain to multiple sites of the body.)  Once this is completed you then proceed with your Aromatherapy Massage. At the end of the treatment you now have the option of giving the client a take home, Muscle Re-education Exercise to break the muscle memory cycle, aiding in long-term recovery.

Option 2:

Offer your clients a new, stand-alone modality. By diversifying you can improve your business. AMSTT is very easy on the therapist, and the type of client that enjoys a relaxing, therapeutic Aromatherapy Treatment will also enjoy a session of Applied Myoskeletal STT. Now you can treat those more difficult musculoskeletal problems, lessening the need to refer.

Please refer to FAQ section for a comprehensive description of the benefits