Applied Myoskeletal addresses many conditions including:

  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Unilateral & bilateral pelvic rotations
  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Functional leg length discrepancy
  • Vertebral rotations
  • Sacral lateral deviation


John Garfield

College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy

Applied Myoskeletal Soft-Tissue Therapy (AMT), developed by Australian Soft-tissue Therapist, John Garfield, is a gentle, relaxing, and effective, non-oil, soft-tissue therapy for the assessment, treatment, and management of soft tissue injury, pain and dysfunction of the neuro-musculoskeletal system. It contains transverse soft- tissue moves, along with a wide variety of muscle releases involving various sustained holds to treat soft-tissue dysfunction.

AMT represents the development of more than fifteen years research and clinical experience and incorporates many safe and gentle methods that are not taught elsewhere. Designed as a postgraduate course, AMT is a valuable complement to all therapies, including Bowen Therapy, Remedial Massage and its variations, Kinesiology, CranioSacral Therapy, Positional Release Technique, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Physiotherapy without undermining the principles of any modality.

John’s qualifications include: Cert. IV Training & Assessment, Diploma Remedial Massage, Diploma Bowen Therapy, Soft-Tissue Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Positional Release Technique and Visceral Manipulation.

  • Accurate method of assessment
  • Aligns skeletal structures via the soft tissue
  • Not painful to recipient
  • Easy on the therapist’s body
  • Short in duration
  • Option to treat two people concurrently
  • Muscle re-education exercises
  • Relaxing
  • Treats the cause
  • Requires fewer appointments
  • Influences many systems of the body
  • Combines effectively with other therapies
  • Promotes good health & physical performance
  • Performed through light clothing & on the skin
  • Comprehensive range of therapeutic skills
  • Safe, with fewer contra-indications
  • Minimal post-treatment discomfort

     Continued Education Points

Association/Organization recognition

Modules 1 -3 CPE Accredited with BTFA AAMT, and ATMS.

AMT Bridging Workshop (1 day) Prerequisite Conditions apply. CPE Approved –  AAMT – BTFA – (ATMS pending)  

Course Entry Pre-requisite:

  • Nationally recognised  Diploma Remedial Massage
  • Diploma Bowen Therapy
  • Certified Health-Care Professional (Registered to treat the human body)
    •  BTFA Approved Provider for CPE (16 Points each module)
    • ATMS Approved Provider for CPE  (16 Points each module)
    • AAMT Approved Provider for CPE (20 Points each module)
    • BAUK Approved Provider for CPE   –  E-mail:       Website:


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