Applied Myoskeletal addresses many conditions including:

  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Unilateral & bilateral pelvic rotations
  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Functional leg length discrepancy
  • Vertebral rotations
  • Sacral lateral deviation


Start Date:Saturday 25 September 2021

End Date:Sunday 26 September 2021

Location:Best Western - The Stirling Rockhampton
28 Albert St.
Rockhampton QUEENSLAND

Times:8.30am to 5.00pm

Workshop/Module:Pelvis & Lumbar Spine Workshop *** Includes 100+ Manual, & USB Stick, (Not if revising) A3 Colour REFLEX POSTER (Every-one)

Instructor:John Garfield (Local coordinator: Jenny Healy)

Full Price:$590/ REPEATING $350 (All payments in full no later than 25th August)

Early Bird Price:$550 (payment required no later than 1st August)

Additional Details:PREREQUISITE: Qualified Bodyworker
This workshop is usually 3 days and has been slightly modified to glean the skills over a week end. PELVIS & LUMBAR SPINE WORKSHOP

Ilio-Sacral Dysfunction by definitions is.... How misaligned Ilia bones influence the Sacrum and functional leg lengths. Includes basic Cervical Assess & Treat. This two-day workshop forms AMT’s most important ‘Foundation’ training. Learn to address the ilia bones not only via the muscles but at the source, the spine, for more effective and longer lasting results. This workshop includes basic neck palpation and the extremely effective, simple ‘Neck reflex’ technique. The correction of the ilia bones takes only one or two moves
Day 2 - SACRO-ILIAC DYSFUNCTION [Plus - Lumbar Spine]
Sacro-Iliac Dysfunction by definition is... How a misaligned Sacrum can impact on the Ilia causing SIJ dysfunction, L5 vertebral misalignment, along with compromising spinal fluid flow. Learn to assess and correct the sacrum and lumbar spine and understand their importance in health and function. Learn of the Occiput’s involvement in sacral dysfunction. One move does the correction! Also learn to assess and correct lumbar spine vertebrae. In particular L5 is responsible for many lower back, pelvis and leg symptoms. Don’t just treat a symptom! Correct at the source which is usually far away from the tight muscle you want to treat. Learn about the reasons why the neck can affect the pelvis via Spinal Reflexes.
Neuromuscular Re-Education (NREs) are “dysfunction specific” take- home movements or static holds that the client does on a daily basis to lessen or prevent muscle memory pulling the bony structure back out of alignment and back into pain again.
They return a chronic hypertonic muscle back to normal muscle tone. NRE’s are not compulsory, and can be reserved for difficult cases where your corrections aren’t holding. The second treatment is a good place to start if your initial corrections have not held. How often have you heard a client say “I felt good for a few days after the treatment but now the pain has returned”. Areas addressed with NRE’s include the Pelvis, Sacrum, Lumbar Spine. Most of us are carrying around chronic muscular dysfunction patterns. These are the normal way your body responds to day to day physical stress over a period of months or many years. Unless we receive a different type of injury these ground in dysfunctions often slowly creep back and eventually cause pain again. AMT calls this the ‘Chronic Pain Cycle’ and NRE’s have a high success rate for rectifying this pain pattern. NRE’s are specific for each pelvic dysfunction as identified and addressed in clinic. They have the ability to correct on their own so when done daily are like the client having a mini treatment daily!
AUSTRALIA: BTFA and BAA accredited for Continued Education.
Other associations may accept for Continued Education –
Please check with your association if this is to you.


"John, it is the best course I have ever attended in terms of profound learning. I feel like I have taken a quantum leap in my knowledge as a practitioner. It's going to compliment my work beautifully with now having the knowledge to realign and rebalance the body in full. Your ethical, humble and kind approach to everything you brought to the table was refreshing. Thank you so much." E.P. Myotherapist (Myotherapy is a degree in Australia that follows on from the Diploma of Massage) (permission was granted to publish full name)

"Simply amazing. This course will certainly enhance my Bowen Therapy. The workshop was well paced and explained by John so it was easily understood. You are a fantastic teacher, thank you for your valuable knowledge and your passion for passing it on. I am already visualizing clients who will benefit from this" Y.F. Bowen Therapist (permission was granted to publish full name)

"Completely wowed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the different approaches learned. - C.F. Bowen Therapist (permission was granted to publish full name)

"John, you are one of the most incredible instructors and this course has been out of this world. It is one of the courses that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Really excited to add all these techniques to my toolbox, and support my clients" - Fiona R. Bowen Therapist (permission was granted to publish full name)

"I want to thank you for a great course John. It's finally the best course I have been to in the Bowen context" - E.W. Bowen Therapist (permission was granted to publish full name)

"Excellent workshop with good explanations of all moves. Will certainly be using these techniques in my work. Enjoyed the way John encouraged the entire class to practice and observe everyone doing the moves and making sure each person was in the correct place. Many thanks for your patience and sharing your knowledge. Can't wait till next workshop". - L.R. Bowen Therapist
YOUR TEACHER – John Garfield Dip B.T./ Dip R.M.
John has been a bodyworker for over 22 years and has trained in a multitude of tactile therapies, including Bowen Therapy, Remedial Massage, Soft Tissue Therapy, Cranio Sacaral Therapy, Strain Counter-Strain, Kinesiology, and Visceral Manipulation.Web Site: (Workshop registration)
Facebook: College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy
Email: Mob: 0409 642 142 (+61 409 642 142)

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